Saturday, January 9, 2010

Das Pferdes

The Natural History Museum is somewhere I always go to in a new city. I love the stuffed animals, with their probing eyes, stuck somewhere between imperial colonisation and the virtual reality of Youtube clips of wildlife so freely available. Who comes to learn about animals and dinosaurs and extinct birds here now?

It's snowing relentlessly here. No sooner has the day's flakes turned ice and lethal, does fresh feathers of The Snow Queen's pillows drift silently down.
Berlin has scenes aplenty of proper European-city proportion. Ramping down the shutter speed seems to make pictures seem bleached out and distant. Or it could be the F-stop. In the words Jimmy Rabbitte, I'm fucked if I know.

1 comment:

sean said...

Lovely shots there hollybean! a small family of furry feather stuffed donkeys, and wintry lens flares, love it. More f stop btw! low shutters leave it all blurry like :)