Monday, January 4, 2010

Debut Prost

Out my window in Friedrichshain

Hello all.
I arrived in Berlin on Saturday. I'm here for a couple of months to take part in an artist's residency, which involves the development of some of my more realistic artistic projects (life size banana-men just can't be done sometimes).
Berliner Observations so far:
1. It's cold.
2. You can smoke in the pubs.
3. The beer is ridiculously good and cheap.
4. It's really really cold.
I reassure myself that those famous artists from the past garnered their best ideas in bars and cafes, teasing out the roots of expression through a fug of absinthe and pretentious waffle.

I may not have the absinthe (yet), but I'm getting there. Now I must go stroke my moustache in a Weimar way.

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